R.I.P. my dearest MAX (†)

    Hallo ...,
    I'm very very sad about, that our dearest Jack Russell "MAX" died at August 8th. 2017 at 8.00 am., just 8 days before his 12th. birthday. :'‑(
    He was such a fine, lovely, intelligent, brave, faithful, endearing, full of life and happy guy ... we have had joy and so much fun together ...

    MAX †

    He died at home with us near to him on a bed.

    Rest in Peace, my dearest MAX, we'll always love you !!!

    PS: Next days I'm not able to do alot here.

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    New mod catalogue

    Hey guys 'n gals,

    this site is still running on a CMS. In the past I was using a special subsystem for the mod listing, but with that software the backend administration became slower and slower the more items I added. So there were times I had to wait a long time, till the folder structure was loaded. And from time to time it took too long for the session, so I had to relogin or the system stopped working. That was the experience I had with that software.

    So I decided to use another completly standalone gallery system. The problem with it was, that it isn't build for very large galeries with hundreds / thousands of items. And programming webcode (HTML, Javascript, PHP) was just a pain in the ass with formatting big listings for example. Therefor I had to cancel the use of it too.

    What was left is the CMS with its normal functionallity, means, one article per item, with the chance for voting and all other fundamental stuff. At least I have to say, that this is an acceptable choice to me. But there is a little problem, that the listing of a car brand for example can take a some second, if there a many items, due to the script in the back allowing sortable table columns. You need to stop moving your mouse, if you clicked for such a big list, like "TDU 1 - BMW" listing, for getting the list sortable. If it has been failed, reload the site without moving the mouse after click. ;-) And another hint for the sound listing. If there are many items listed, it will take a moment to preload all the sounds and the players.

    I still left the old TDU 1 listing at menu "TDU 1 (OLD)", because at the moment I am at Chevrolet with the new listing.  Remember that the old listing just listed a few mods of every brand. In total I know about 287 BMW mods for TDU 1 for example, not just 30 or so. Also many pictures in the old listing aren't availlable any longer, because they were rearranged for the new lists.

    Well, letting you know about these little things, I need to go on working here. :-)


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