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Hello all,

after thinking a long time about, how to handle my website for vehicle game modding like Test Drive Unlimited in future, I made my decision to stop this site here.
But no sorrow, there will be something new, I am already working on. At the moment it is reachable via a subdomain ;-)

I really didn't make it easy to me. I had to compare the effort between the actual CMS system and a more simple gallery system, also in financial aspect.
You can imagine, that a CMS system is way more complex and so has much more possibilities, then a gallery system. But at the end a CMS is much more work.
I had to find out, what can such a new gallery system do. At least, even if the CMS Joomla is free, a better looking website template isn't and needs to be renewed constantly.
For the gallery system I got a lifetime license, cheaper then a template turn for the CMS.

Many tests were needed in Joomla like within the gallery system, and for sure many problems came up in both systems.
I had to look for some solutions, if there would be any at all, what is looking good, comfortable oder awful.

So finally I think, I found some good compromises with the new gallery system to offer a suitable project.

So have fun with the new site.
MagicV8 / Coco
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